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Love of eleganse
Throughout history, mothers and grandmothers have not only been keepers of the family and home, they have also been keepers of traditions, values and skills. They have passed on their knowledge, recipes, songs through generations, and the Armenian brand Mairik, which means mother in Armenian, has borrowed the traditional Armenian hand-embroidery techniques.

Founder of fashion brand Mairik, Janet Karapetyan's aspiration is to preserve the unique mastery of Armenian hand-embroidery techniques, which have been used for more than 2000 years.

These embroideries represent five different regions of Armenia, and they symbolize welfare and prosperity. Armenian women traditionally decorated their clothes with these embroideries as protective amulets from the evil eye.

Today, Armenian women and ethnic Armenian refugees living in Syria handcraft the beautiful Mairik pieces, and at the Mairik workshop, there is an embroidery school, where the secrets of the traditional Armenian mastery are passed on to the next generation.

Traditionally, education is key for Armenians, therefore a share of Mairik's profits are donated to charity organizations that help girls from low-income families get an education.

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